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I am passionate about cooking

I have always been pursuing happiness through good food, fine wine, my dogs and of course with my family and friends! Being raised in a home that good home cooking was shared with friends and family almost every other day it was not difficult at all to embrace the concept of ‘you live to eat’.

Through the years, and they aren’t few, have enjoyed sharing food pleasures with friends and family but never thought that one day I would be ‘digitally’ sharing them as well. Many of you have been urging me to find a way of letting others know about that but I have been sceptical about it and didn’t want to go through the typical route of ‘serving’ food. As I will not sacrifice the pleasure of having friends over and cooking for them, I ‘thought’ of additionally using the digital world to share those experiences and why not having more people know about it.

Of course, when I say that ‘I thought’ I must be honest with you that those two sons of mine had a lot to do in convincing me, and with their professional experience they have setup the platforms to do so; thank you Pavlos and Nicolas!

I truly hope that you will find this honest representation of food pleasures and experiences interesting and why not inspire me to do more!


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