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How to Cook the Perfect Boiled Eggs



For the perfectly smooth boiled eggs that come out of their shells every single time, cooked straight from the refrigerator, follow this procedure:

– Use a saucepan with a lid, not too big but just enough to fit the eggs at its bottom. Fill with tab water up to 3cm and on high bring to a boil.
– Use a spoon, preferably slotted to place the eggs in the boiled water and don’t worry if they are not fully covered by the water. Place the lid on the pan and cook the eggs in a continuous boiling water for:
* 4’ for a liquid runny yolk and firm white
* 6’ for a thicker but still liquid yolk
* 9’ for an almost firm yolk

– With the same slotted spoon remove the eggs from the water, without placing them under running water as it will make them more difficult to peel, and peel and eat them right away. Alternatively allow them to cool and then refrigerate them for up to a week directly in their shell.

* If your eggs are not refrigerated, then reduce above times by 1’
* Fresh Eggs are a bit more difficult to peel

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